Poultry & Livestock Insurance

When you need poultry and livestock insurance, working with a reliable, experienced insurance agency is crucial. Discover the benefits of choosing coverage through Forestry Risk Solutions. 

If you are in the business of raising poultry and livestock, you know how important it is to protect your investments. Unexpected events such as death or injury of animals, damage to buildings, equipment, and other property, and veterinary costs can result in significant financial hardship. That’s why it is essential to have insurance coverage that can protect you from these risks. However, knowing how to choose the right coverage isn’t always easy.

Forestry Risk Solutions is a trusted provider of insurance coverage for poultry and livestock farmers. We offer comprehensive insurance solutions that can protect your business and give you peace of mind. With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, we guide you to choose the optimal coverage to meet your unique needs. 

Benefits of Poultry & Livestock Insurance

One of the most significant benefits of securing poultry and livestock insurance through Forestry Risk Solutions is protection against financial loss due to the death or injury of animals. Let us connect you with an affordable plan to cover death or injury caused by accidents, illnesses, or natural disasters. This means you can receive compensation for losing your animals, which offsets the cost of replacing them.

In addition to protection for animal loss, our insurance policies also offer coverage for damage or destruction of buildings, equipment, and other property you use to raise animals. This can include coverage for damage caused by fire, lightning, wind, or other natural disasters. With the right insurance plan, you can rest assured that your property is protected no matter what the future holds.

Another benefit of choosing poultry and livestock insurance from Forestry Risk Solutions is coverage for veterinary care and treatment costs. If your animals need medical attention due to illness or injury, our policies can help cover the cost of these services. This can be particularly important for farmers who rely on their animals for income, as veterinary expenses can quickly add up.

Protect Your Poultry & Livestock Investment with FRS

At Forestry Risk Solutions, we understand how important your farming business is to you and your family. That’s why we offer comprehensive poultry and livestock insurance solutions that fill in the gaps in your coverage and protect your investment to give you peace of mind. 

You’ll appreciate our personalized service, which offers a dedicated expert to answer your questions and provide a 24-hour turnaround time on all requests. With assistance from Forestry Risk Solutions, you can minimize stress and feel confident in your poultry and livestock insurance selection and purchase. Let us show you how hassle-free and beneficial the process can be. 

Schedule a needs assessment today to learn more about your best coverage options and how we can help you safeguard your livelihood through poultry and livestock insurance.


Finding the right insurance is a process that requires a dedicated and knowledgeable team to help navigate the intricacies and ever changing policies of the current market. Working with Palmetto State Insurance ensures you are fully protected at a price you can afford.

By providing quick turnarounds on all requests, we provide peace of mind knowing that no matter what obstacles you face, your protection partner is here to help. Allow us to help you locate and fill the gaps in YOUR coverage.



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Palmetto State Insurance always goes above and beyond to keep me insured with affordable rates. The team is always eager to help. I couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else. Thank you to the Palmetto State Insurance Team for all you do for my team!

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Mr. Donnie and his staff are helpful and easy to work with. They are always there to answer our questions and work through whatever we bring to them. We have been a customer for five years and look forward to many more.

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Marshfield Forest Service is very pleased with the support and service provided to our company by Palmetto State Insurance. Their staff is very knowledgeable concerning all aspects of insurance and specifically as it relates to our industry. Their quick responses to our questions and fast turnarounds on required documents have made dealing with insurance issues a breeze.

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Welch Forest Products LLC has been with PSIA for over Ten Years and Camille and I are well pleased with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that is done with and by any person in the office. There is never a time that we have called, emailed, or faxed and someone was not quick to respond to us. Thanks.

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We have been using Palmetto State Insurance for all of our business insurance needs for nearly a decade. Donnie and his staff are very professional and are quick to respond to all of our requests and do so with knowledge and accuracy. We can’t say enough about this company and highly recommend them for all your insurance needs.

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